Don’t Ignore your Parking Tickets

Don’t Ignore your Parking Tickets

Roughly 6 months ago, my sister went up to me and asked for my help regarding some legal matter. Her car got towed away because of some unpaid parking ticket. At first I thought it was due to only one ticket and that she parked in a tow-away zone, but I found out that she’s had $4000 in unpaid tickets that spanned for 1 year. I was surprised that they towed her away just now. This was way beyond my legal powers, but I was able to get her a court date so she could get her car.

But my sister was not the only who went to me for ticket problems. I’ve had a few other clients before her who came to me for their parking tickets. It turns out that you really need to pay your parking tickets even if it’s an inconvenience. It becomes a bigger inconvenience when your car gets towed away. It’s also important to note that you will end up paying bigger fees once your car is towed. You have to set court dates, pay the fines, and then pay the impound lot for the release of your car.

Pay your parking tickets if you don’t want more inconveniences.

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