How to Find a Lawyer to Help You with Your Case?

Picking a lawyer for your legal needs can be stressful. But that doesn’t mean you pick the first one you come across. You need to put in the effort to select one after thorough research because you want to make sure that you pick the best option for your needs, be it corporate, criminal, or any other. We have laid out three steps that will help you pick the perfect lawyer for your needs.

Step 1: Search for Firms Online

Your hunt for a law firm starts online, most likely Google. While you may be aware of a firm locally, you still want to look at all the available options. For this, you need to search for firm’s that offer services in the legal matter you need assistance with. You can peruse through 6-7 websites or even more to pick a few that you feel would be a great fit for you. After which you move on to the second step.

Step 2: Know the Right Questions to Ask

You need to know how to conduct interviews to be able to shortlist lawyers and narrow it down to one. You need to take time to determine whether they are a fit for you. For this, you need to ask certain questions, these are:

1. Can they brief you on your legal matter and what experience do they have with it?

2. How long have they been in practice?

3. What is their success rate with cases relating to yours?

4. What is their legal background, do they have the necessary degrees and certifications?

5. Have they purchased malpractice insurance?

6. What are the charges, how many individuals will be working on the case and do each have separate charges? Will there be any additional costs for copy, filing, postage, and so on?

7. When and how often will you be billed for the case?

8. Do they have any references from previous clients?

9. How will communication take place and how often will they inform you about your case?

10. What do they feel would be the outcome of your case?

There is a common misconception in the legal profession that higher fee automatically equates to a better lawyer, that is not always the case. But at the same time, if you find a lawyer charging well below the market price, it should signal a red flag. After the consultation with the lawyer, you need to ask yourself certain questions:

1. Do you feel that the lawyer’s knowledge and experience are relevant for your case and they can help you in the matter?

2. Were they able to communicate and express themselves effectively during the consultation?

3. Do you think you can build a relationship and trust them with your case?

4. Can you afford to hire them?

With these questions answered, you should easily narrow down your search to a handful of lawyers to pick from.

Step 3: Run A Background Check on The Lawyers

Once you’ve narrowed down your list to a handful of lawyers, you need to make sure that the information they gave you holds true. For this, you need to hit the list of references provided by the law firm. But before you do that, check to see if you can find reviews online. Not testimonials on the firm’s website but other sites such as Google, Trusted Reviews, and similar sites. Afterward, you can start calling the reference list. When talking to the references, ask them the following:

• How satisfied were they with how the firm handled their case?

• Did they feel the firm could have done something differently?

• How well were the processes and communication with the firm?

• Would they honestly recommend the law firm to you?

The background check should help further your choice down to a couple or just one firm. If you still have a few firms after this step, you need to consider your budget and pick the most reasonable out of the few you have. Chances are either one will be a good fit for you so now it just comes down to the matter of finances for you.


Don’t let legal issues put too much pressure on you and don’t opt for the first lawyer you come across. This will be a huge risk that you will likely regret. Yes, picking a lawyer may take a bit of time and effort but the process is necessary if you want the right lawyer representing you. Select an attorney with whom you feel comfortable  and one you can trust.

Martin Vermaak

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