How to Increase Productivity in Your Law Firm

In the legal industry, it often involves high volumes of work with deadlines around every corner. I know that it often feels that there is not enough time in the day to complete everything in your to-do-list.

Individuals might find small ways to improve their productivity, but finding ways to increase your law firm‘s productivity can be a challenge.

Establishing and accomplishing goals effectively is vital in improving productivity in a law firm. I highly recommend getting rid of any time-consuming distractions that prevent your firm from achieving the objectives.

This not only boosts productivity but also maximizes your budget. Remember that even if your legal firm is already functioning at peak productivity, it is essential to focus on the opportunities to achieve even more in less time.

Tips to how to increase productivity in your Law Firm

Better productivity levels will indeed work as an advantage to any business, including in a law firm. These days, it is vital to rake up your staff’s productivity to stand out from the competition. I know that your law firm’s higher productivity will mean more money and more successful cases and more clients in no time.

There are several tips I will share that you can implement to improve the productivity of the staff in your legal firm.

Using the Right Tools

When it comes to productivity, every legal professional should find and use the right tools and refine the practices to consistently produce the best results. With this in mind, I suggest trying out a variety of tools, such as management apps. This can help in producing a flow of direct efficiency gains.

I know that technology comes at a price, and you might be puzzled about which one to use. It merely means that not every application, software, platform, or tool is a suitable solution.

Before quickly deciding to use one, it is vital to thoroughly research until you find a multi-tiered platform that can manage several elements that are easier for the firm to adopt and save money in the long run.

In case long-term productivity gain is your focus, those improvements cannot be achieved with only a new tool experiment. Suppose you want effective results in improving the productivity of your legal firm. In that case, it typically comes from adopting the best practices in managing work and creating a customized system suitable for the firm’s specific needs.

Another way to improve your staff’s productivity is to provide them with the right tools for their tasks. One suggestion I have in mind is providing them a document management platform to create templates.

You can also replace the desktops with laptops if your budget allows. This will allow your staff to work whenever they feel most productive.

The ideal person for the right job

Achieving your legal firm’s objectives is both a mindset and a deliberate approach in managing information, commitment, and communication.

When executed conscientiously, getting tasks done will free the mind to home in on being more productive and avoid any disruptive tasks. In one example, I will share – if you are paying your attorneys with salaries to carry out tasks that can be done by legal assistants or paralegals, you are shelling out more than what is necessary.

I recommend hiring knowledgeable and skilled legal support professionals. They can tackle various clerical and operational errands that your junior attorneys might be handling at a fraction of a cost.

Additionally, by working with support professionals, your lawyers can focus on high-value, top priorities. With the right person for the right job, you can reduce your attorney headcount and better manage attorney staffing costs.

Should I employ a legal operations manager? A legal professional focus solely on the necessary operational activities that fall outside the scope of a traditional legal firm’s managerial team.

I suggest hiring one so that this professional will focus on these tasks. This can boost overall operational efficiency and maximize the budget throughout the year without any distractions from the firm’s primary focus – winning cases and gaining more clients.

Monitoring productivity metrics

One way to make continuous improvements in your legal firm’s productivity level is by utilizing a systematic approach to monitoring metrics. The hours-tracking data is useful in monitoring patterns but can also inhibit motivation.

It might be best to make it a point to capture a note at the end of each day, summarizing the activities and observing patterns – both good and negative. This will serve as a record guide to refine your productivity practices.

Always remember that expenses can get out of control if not properly monitored. Most firms and departments typically wait until the end of the year to scrutinize their books and comprehend their financial situations. Nevertheless, it is already too late to make any modifications and implement process improvements at that point.

If you have an in-house accountant or finance expert in your firm, I suggest discussing with them to determine how you can acquire real-time updates regarding the legal firm’s financial status. If not, it might be time to explore technology options that can accurately monitor, maintain, and report at all times.

Flexible working hours

Although the regular working hours are 9-5, it does not necessarily make it the best, even for your legal firm.

For every individual in your law firm they feel most productive at various times during the day. Some might prefer to work in the morning, while others feel invigorated late at night. With this in mind, you should consider flexible working hours. Additionally, I suggest considering remote work as well.

Accommodating a healthy lifestyle

If the employees in your legal firm are healthy, it translates to productive employees. Remember that no one works optimally if they are feeling under the weather, or they are always exhausted.

With this in mind, I recommended doing all that you can to contribute to your employees’ healthy lifestyles. A good suggestion is offering healthy lunches each day or installing a bicycle rack outside the office. If you are up for it, you can even provide gym passes.

Finding ways to reduce distractions

Today, social media has a significant influence on your staff’s productivity levels but implementing a no-phone policy is not practical. An alternative way to deal with this issue is to keep your employees focused and engaged while still providing them with breathing room.

I suggest encouraging your staff to switch off their mobile phones but take regular breaks where they are free to check on their phones. With this approach, it will ensure that the time spent at their desk is more productive.

Showing appreciation and positive reinforcement

When employees feel appreciated, they are more likely to be fully engaged with your legal firm’s missions and goals. Generally, they will work harder and longer since they are aware that you value their work.

If you have not been showing your employees gratitude, it might be time to start now to provide a boost to their productivity levels.

Always aim to encourage, inspire, and reward. Make sure that you inform your staff that they are doing a great job and provide constructive criticism. Above all, try offering personal incentives for an excellent job – such as a free holiday or free coffee.

Ensure that you show the achievement of one employee to other staff to foster a sense of accomplishment as a form of motivation. When your staff is motivated to do better, it will surely improve your legal firm’s productivity level.

Outsourcing work

Not all businesses can tackle everything by themselves. This is one reason why you hired your staff in the first place. Nevertheless, there will come a time when they could no longer cope with the amount of work. The solution I suggest is no other than – outsourcing.

Outsourcing is a good way to make certain that the competition will not overshadow you and take on cases that could have been at your law firm. Whether you outsource legal tasks or other aspects of your business, it will help minimize costs and it can boost the quality of work produced.

Cultivate a fun and conducive work environment

It is no wonder why lawyers are known for their conservative faces and professional image as a serious job. Sadly, continued stress day-to-day can take its toll.

Do not allow this to grow in the workplace by finding ways to make the environment enjoyable and fun for your staff. I suggest building an entertainment or games room that everyone can use during break times.

Aside from providing a space for your staff to take a break and have fun for a short while, it is also essential to make sure that the workplace is conducive for work.

The recommended working temperature is between 68-70 F (20-21 C). An environment that is too hot or cold will distract your staff from concentrating on their tasks. By providing good heating and air-conditioning systems, it will keep your workplace in top shape.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to improving productivity in your law firm, there are several techniques that you can use on how to increase productivity in your law firm.

Hopefully, with the tips that I have provided, it will help improve your law firm’s productivity to gain more clients and cases in the long run.

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