How to Increase Your Law Firm’s Profitability

The provision of effective legal services is the essence of a law firm, but treating their practices as businesses is imperative for attorneys. Making a profit is what demarcates a successful business.

Getting more clients through the door is the answer to increase the profitability of a law firm. Do not worry about your law firm’s greater profitability because of a lot of opportunities exist for you to improve profitability.

It is a critical management task that influences strategic management decisions regarding the profitability of your law firm.

However, profitability is easily defined; traditional law firm partnership financial reporting models are not easy to analyze or compare within the legal industry. Here are some tips, ways, and advice on how to increase your law firm’s profitability.

Legal Project Management

Law firms can increase their profits by improving efficiency for even the most complex matters by using legal project management.

With the help of legal project management, lawyers can have a real-time look at the critical tasks of a case.

Legal Project Management provides law firms with the right tools for planning future projects that help promote future profitability.

Review completed projects so that attorneys can gain valuable insight and leverage the knowledge and experience gained during the initial project to boost profitability.

The features of Legal Project Management can lead to increased revenues when used correctly.

Law firms can effectively render their services on time and within the constituted budget.  This will result in the effective delivery of client services, favorable referrals, repeat business, and greater profitability.


Keeping an eye on the financial well-being of their practice helps law firms to promote profitability. So, metrics are essential, it includes running financial reports and reviewing them for patterns.

To gauge a company’s performance, Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable measures. Attorneys can learn and analyze vital information regarding various aspects of their company by using Key Performance Indicators.

Law firms should consider these following Key Performance Indicators:

Realization – The rate you are receiving payment for your billed hour, i.e., amount billed versus amount collected.

The calculation is easy: divide the amount you billed by the total amount you collected from your clients.

There are many strategies law firms can come up with, including rewards or punishments for timely entry of time.

It is a matter of discipline, according to Ted Tinson of Sheppard Mullin. Some of the firms are just more disciplined than others about sending out bills on time.

Client Satisfaction – For maximum profitability, law firms need referrals and repeat business. Dissatisfied clients do not become repeat clients, and the worst thing is they also do not refer other clients to the firm.

Client satisfaction Key Performance Indicator allows attorneys to gauge the client’s satisfaction and identify areas for improved client relations.

Matter Profitability – Attorneys can determine which client engagements result in higher costs with a matter profitability Key Performance Indicator, and which ones result in higher points.

Law firms must use the information collected strategically to decide where the law firm should spend its resources.

Marketing Expenditures – For attorneys to focus their resources and efforts on strategies that yield the highest results, a marketing KPI helps attorneys review the firm’s marketing strategy regularly.

Improve Processes to Cut Costs

To improve your profit margins, you must adjust as many metrics as possible.

Consider how you are spending your money, in addition to improving realization and leverage.

Always look for better and more efficient ways to cut costs. By being consistent in this regard, you can increase your profit margin.

Successful law firms know that technology is the key to being more productive and billing more hours, especially if it helps the staff bill their time instead of working on administrative tasks.

Analyze what processes you and your staff are doing manually and see if there is a tool to help you do this more efficiently.

Also, do not forget to look at how much costs you are advancing your clients—this could be substantial and can impact the cash flow your firm needs to make it through these challenging times.

Think about amending your engagement agreement and asking for retainers to pay client-specific costs from the trust account to decrease the amount you are financing on behalf of your clients.

Staffing Decisions

Strategic staffing decisions can significantly impact law firm profitability.

Having inadequate or not enough staff in place can hamper your growth and

cost you money.

Consider appointing lawyers on a contract basis as this can help you grow your law firm without you having to pay the full price of a lawyer’s salary and sundry costs. Handling new clients and new matters affordably is what they are great for.

Quality legal assistance is another important element of firm growth and profitability. By appointing a paralegal that can independently handle appropriate tasks, you can free up valuable time for lawyers to handle the most profitable tasks.

Like contract attorneys, many paralegals are willing to work on a contract basis.

Up Your Tech

Traditional law firms will not be able to compete with their progressive counterparts who evolve with technology if they maintain their manual processes; they need to evolve their technologies also.

Assisting lawyers to stay on top of cases and deadlines, store and locate documents more effectively, and streamline processes in general are some of the

software features.

Law firms can decrease expenses and make better use of the billable time to increase profits, with legal CRM’s. Some of the most cost-saving technologies are the following:

• Cloud Technologies – attorneys can utilize cloud storage; it offers many conveniences; lawyers can access their files when away from the office. It also helps law firms to move towards a more cost-efficient paperless office.

• Cybersecurity Advancements – tens of thousands of dollars is the cost of one law firm security breaches. Most of the advanced technologies include cybersecurity features that prevent these profit-stealing events.

• Automation – It is time–saving and profit-enhancing technologies help streamline processes for maximum efficiency and service delivery.

Considering a Legal CRM or looking to change from what you use now? Legal CRM

Improved Billing

Law firm’s profits are significantly affected by administrative tasks like billing and invoicing. Profits can suffer if these duties are not carried out efficiently and accurately.

Firms can use administrative time and resources more efficiently with a streamlined invoicing process, translating into increased profits.

Attorneys should consider the following in implementing the most and effective legal billing process.

• Convenience – An organized billing process starts from the moment timekeepers complete a billable task.

Law firms should choose a legal time tracking system that includes a mobile application for greater accessibility to promote time tracking convenience.

• Ease – law firms can create an efficient billing process by simplifying the   steps between time tracking and invoice creation. This goal must have the
right legal billing software.

Spend Money to Make Money

Most of the successful law firms are willing to spend to grow. Plan and budget where you will spend your law firm’s money.  This will assist you in getting the most out of your budget.

Increase the Volume of Work

A firm concerned with increasing work volume should be tracking conversion rates and how many inquiries into the firm converts into paying clients.

Tracking and increasing the number of new leads is one of the most important Key Project Indicators. It would help if you did not make changes without tracking the key metrics.

Increasing Your Price

It is perhaps the touchiest goal, as it requires tough conversations with clients, both new and old. If you have useful data to back up your claim that you are worth more money, the conversation might get more comfortable. Key Project Indicators built around time spent and firm money spent on certain types of matters.

It can be challenging to discuss your hourly rates; for both the lawyer and their client, but sometimes it is necessary to maintain the bottom line.

At the same time, many attorneys go years without increases to their fees, which can eventually affect their businesses. Do not risk your law firm’s financial prosperity by keeping your hourly fees the same – year after year.

Reducing Leakage

This expectation means that a lawyer contributes valuable time to the client at the firm’s expense for free. This free time is something the lawyer can never get back.

This expectation must be adjusted and re-framed to become more profitable. Make sure bills go out early and often lessen the blow of a giant yearly invoice that requires discounting to ease the burden and discount less.

Harness the power of legal practice management software with simple legal billing software and online payment options. Then make sure you have a Key Project Indicator around billing, discounting, and collecting.

Saving Costs

To increase your law firm profitability, saving cost is a terrific way to help you—evaluate if the services you are providing are most efficient for your firm while still providing top service to your clients.

Ask yourself if you are doing tasks that other, less costly employees could do that you will be billing top dollar to different clients and costs your time and money. Build Key Project Indicator that the benefits would be felt soon and could reduce your cost.

Focusing on the Best Work

The key to making any practice more profitable is focusing on the best work. You cannot determine which matters lose your money or waste your time if keeping busy is your indication to track your success.

By tracking performance and profitability, you can see what type

of cases are worth your time and what matters you should rather not accept.

You get a clear picture of what matters need attention and what matters does not.

Ask for Client’s Feedback

Ask feedback from your clients because it might help you improve your services to gain more clients. Ask yourself whether your clients are happy with the service you have provided?

Will they suggest your law firms to their friends? Will they come to you again for your service? You will only answer these questions if you ask your clients for feedback.

Do Not Ignore the Importance of Culture

Ensuring that the firm has an open and flexible approach to staffing and talent management is a vital component of culture. Studies show that higher workplace morale and motivation can increase productivity and profitability.

Lawyers need to enjoy working and spending time with each other; law firms cannot be held together just by money.

You can pay to send partners on multi-day trips or team buildings to bond with each other over activities like fly-fishing. These trips may be expensive, but they are worth it given the increased cooperation and cross-selling they promote.

Law firms generate greater profitability if they engage in certain business-centered activities regularly. Activities that are a top-line factor in facilitating and coordinating business development.

Being able to systematically reach out to potential clients and excellent referral sources and motivate them to engage is incredibly powerful.

Similarly, one of the most cost-effective ways to increase profitability is to provide more excellent value to clients.


AnchorBy implementing these strategies and tips, you can likely substantially increase your law firm’s profitability.

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