Which Lawyers Makes the most Money?

Lawyers works on some problematic cases that can modify the outcome of people’s lives.

If making money is your primary reason for getting into the law field, then maybe it is not the right path or career for you. Bare it in your mind that there is much more to the law than just making money.

However, we cannot deny the fact that money is a motivating factor for many Lawyers.

Let us also consider that law school costs a lot of money, and many recent graduates have massive debts to pay. So, it is likely a top priority for many Lawyers to land a good-paying legal job.

If you are still a student, listening to your professors’ stories who are an experienced lawyer with a six-figure salary might help you not worry about money. So, let us look at which the lawyer makes the most money.

1. Medical Lawyers

Medical attorneys are typically the ones who make the highest yearly salaries. They provide their clients with a variety of legal advisement and services that are related to medical law.

It includes areas such as healthcare law, personal injury, medical malpractice, and other related areas. So, medical law is not a separate category of law, technically.

So, if you are a legal practitioner who has a passion for law and an interest in healthcare, this specialty can be a great match.

Working with healthcare professionals builds case theories, interview expert witnesses, gathering and analyzing medical records, and malpractice lawsuits are your task as a medical lawyer.

Basically, as a medical lawyer, you work closely with a variety of people and experts.

According to glassdoor.com, the annual average salary that medical lawyers earn is $150,881. If you are a medical attorney and healthcare lawyer working with specialty hospitals, you typically earn even more.

Partners specializing in medical law can earn millions of dollars.

2. Intellectual Property Lawyers

The second-highest-paid lawyers are the ones specializing in intellectual property. There are three separate categories in the intellectual property that you must be well-versed and aware of – patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

So, that makes the task of an intellectual property attorney more complex and requires a deep understanding of relevant laws.

These lawyers are the ones responsible for protecting new developments in technology, science, and the arts, anything that has been created by someone else.

They provide their clients with information concerning what others can and cannot do with the products and services they have created. This makes their task quite challenging and their expertise in high demand with new companies being created every single day.

The annual average salary of an Intellectual Property lawyer is $131,728, which is, according to PayScale.com. No wonder they are one of the lawyers who make the most money.

3. Trial Lawyers

Comprehensive and robust knowledge about the law is a requirement of a trial attorney. They should be well informed about the changes and current trends to the law as they occur throughout their careers. They must be familiar with when addressing specific aspects of the law as new cases may set precedents.

They should possess keen instincts and spot every detail that could have a significant impact on the case. Their memory should be maintained sharp in remembering essential facts that may be of help during a trial.

Most of all, they should maintain legal accuracy when stating their cases and must not only be persuasive. Confidence and sufficient knowledge in the law field are what make the best trial lawyer.

Among the highest-paid legal professionals are the trial lawyers. They have an annual average salary of $101,086.

4. Tax Lawyers

A tax lawyer’s work is the preparation of the legal documents that involve liabilities and for developing plans that help in saving taxes of their clients.

They should know when proposed changes to the law are scheduled to occur and help in possibly suing the Internal Revenue Service. They are of help to those who are starting a business and drafting contracts.

Excellent skills in math, accounting, and an analytical mind are what require a tax lawyer. Also, they must have a Juris Doctor degree and must be admitted by a state bar. The annual average salary of a tax attorney is around $99,690.

5. Corporate Lawyer

Corporate Lawyers work with corporations, and they are responsible for ensuring that the company is complying with the standard laws and regulations.

They serve as an adviser to a corporation on a range of issues, such as gathering and analyzing evidence for legal proceedings, advising companies on their legal rights and obligations in business transactions, formulating contracts, and providing advice on taxation issues.

The knowledge and experience of a corporate lawyer have a substantial effect on their salary. The average annual salary of a lawyer is $98,823, which is, according to PayScale. It is said that corporate lawyers who are with the same company can expect to see their paychecks increase each year.

6. Real Estate Lawyers

Property issues, environmental issues, and insurance issues are the focus of a real estate lawyer. You will seek the help of a real estate lawyer if you are a homeowner or a renter. They will make sure you are safe in where you live as well as everyone who lives there.

Real estate lawyers are also responsible for drafting legal documents that concern your properties, such as your rental agreement, deeds, and other transactions.

They review contracts and offers so that the buyer gets a fair deal and the sellers. Real estate lawyers represent their clients in court. A typical property law case might involve a property owner who is suing a tenant for unpaid rent.

Real estate attorneys file court documents gather evidence to support the claim, and interview witnesses to ensure that their client has a strong case.

According to PayScale.com, the annual salary of real estate attorneys is approximately $90,125. It is pointing to the highly skilled contract negotiators that are the highest earners in real estate law; however, experience and location also influence these attorneys’ earning potential.

7. Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal defense is the most well-known legal practice occupation. Criminal defense lawyers are responsible for helping individuals who have been involved in criminal matters.

They pledge to protect people who are wrongfully accused and have stumbled into situations that they cannot handle alone. Criminal defense lawyers are often pictured on television programs; people think of these lawyers first when it comes to a career in the legal system.

A criminal defense lawyer must defend individuals, organizations, and companies that face criminal charges in state, federal, or appellate court. Most criminal defense lawyers investigate the case , interview witnesses, study case law and procedural law, construct a defense, and plan a strategy for the case.

Having a tremendous oral advocacy skill is an important aspect a criminal lawyer must possess.

When it comes to the type of lawyers that makes the most money, they do not top the list. However, their annual average salary is approximately $78,500.

8. Family Lawyers

A family and divorce lawyer are rather self-explanatory. In cases of marriages ending during a separation, a divorce lawyer will likely be the one that settles all necessities when it involves that break.

Additionally, these lawyers handle things revolving child custody, if the couple has children and visitation rights for the parent that no longer is the sole guardian of any children. Divorce lawyers add up the items that folks might not care to believe in trying and emotional times caused by a divorce.

Experienced family lawyers within the private sector are the highest earners during this group and have higher earning potential than their counterparts within the public sector. According to PayScale.com, the annual average salary of a family lawyer is approximately $70,828.

9. Law Firm Administrator

Law firm administrators oversee the business and administrative aspects of running a firm.

Their duties cover the non-legal aspects of practice, like financial management and reporting, business development, HR, facilities management, technology, marketing, and practice management.

Law firm administrators typically work fewer hours than most big-firm lawyers, and CMO positions require less education, which is usually standard on baccalaureate. This can be an excellent career option for those seeking a lucrative job within the legal industry.

Law firm administrators in large firms shovel in some of the very best earnings. For example, in New York and other major cities the salary can reach as high as $700,000.

10. Civil Rights Lawyers

Civil rights lawyers must defend the civil rights and fundamental liberties of the public. A typical civil rights case scenario might involve defending an individual who faces discrimination based on race, age, gender, or religion. Cases associated with alleged improper conduct by enforcement also fall into the umbrella of civil rights law.

False arrests, unlawful searches and seizures are some of the civil rights cases claims involved.

Most of the cases are concerned with questions of freedom, equality, and human rights. Lawyers whose specialization is in this field often passionate about obtaining justice for a group of people or a specific issue. For this reason, many civil rights lawyers are choosing to specialize in an area of civil rights.

Civil rights lawyers commonly earn less than lawyers who choose careers in business fields, such as corporate law.

The average starting salary for a civil rights lawyer is approximately $45,000 a year.  However, competent and experienced attorneys during this field can make the amount as high as $200,000 per annum.

Top earners tend to be employed by federal government agencies. Attorneys who work for the federal make a mean of $130,210 against government lawyers, who earn a smaller $82,190 a year on the average.

11. Litigation Support Directors

Litigation support directors manage firm-wide litigation support activities, e-discovery initiatives, and technology resources. The the demand for litigation support coiling upward while experienced litigation support personnel remain scarce, litigation support salaries are predicted to increase.

As technology changes the face of law practices, legal professionals who also are tech-savvy are climbing the salary ladder.

Legal professionals in litigation support roles earn an average salary of $80,000, while litigation support directors and managers can command salaries much higher. Legal practitioners who possess law degrees or advanced degrees in technology, business, or finance are usually the top earners.

12. Law School Professors

Securing a position as a school of a law professor is highly desired. Qualifications for top candidates include an academic degree from a top school of law, law review, high-class standing, judicial clerkship experience, practice experience, and publication credits in scholarly journals.

Law school professors teach courses in law, perform research, and publish scholarly works in their fields of experience.

Salaries vary by region and by the school. According to the Society of yank Law Teachers’ 2017-2018 Salary Survey, salaries for full professors ranged from $105,000 to $204,210. This list of public law school faculty salaries reveals current professor’s salaries.

Final Thoughts

As we can see, it is easy to feel safe in terms of money when choosing a career in the field of law.

However, do not let this list scare or intimidate you. If you are passionate about what you do when it comes to the law, you will find a way to make the most out of it, and your success will come through hard work.

Sure, it’s nice to understand the kinds of lawyers that make the most money, and knowing just what proportion you’ll make by working during a particular field is one way to help narrow down what you wish to specialize in.

However, if you are fully invested in what you do, you will be happy either way. Make sure to remember that caring is important.

It is essential and practical to consider the salary you might have in your dream job.  But it is more important than what you do is an act of passion, so that you can be successful in everything you do, and you will feel completely happy and satisfied.

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