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Our founder, Martin Vermaak, understands better than anyone else just how challenging it can be for practicing lawyers to build their business while advocating for clients.

An attorney himself (when he isn’t traveling or making use of his private pilot license), Martin discovered that a lot of digital marketing firms aren’t shy about promising the moon and the stars when it comes to success, but they have a tough time delivering real results for legal professionals.

Tired of broken promises, missed deadlines, and poor deliverables, Martin decided to dive headfirst into the world of digital marketing himself to build his practice with the power and reach of the internet.

After discovering proven pathways to producing qualified leads faster than anything traditional agencies were capable of, Martin Vermaak knew right away that other legal professionals deserved the same kind of results.

That’s what spurred the creation of The Lawyer Marketing Pro, a dedicated SEO digital marketing agency that provides SEO lead generation services to legal professionals – lead generation services that really work!

Headquartered in sunny South Africa, this operation has grown into a full-service lead generation agency.

We’ve built a reputation for delivering quality search engine optimization (SEO) results that not only push targeted leads into your marketing and sales funnels but convert those leads into great clients at a better rate, too.

If you’re looking to enjoy an evergreen marketing system that helps you build your legal practice (even while you sleep), Martin and his team of marketing and copywriting experts are here to help – and handle the heavy lifting for you!

For more information, a quick consultation, and answers to all of your questions reach out to The Lawyer Marketing Pro today.