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Lawyer Marketing Pro provides expert Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to Lawyers and Law Firms.

If you want clients to find you online, contact us for an obligation-free analysis of your website and a strategy to increase your Law Firm’s online visibility.

Lawyer Marketing Pro can assist you by ensuring that your website gets found at the right time – when people are searching for your services in your area.

A great, converting website is critical in your Law Firm’s marketing strategy. The best-looking website without visitors is useless. The website must get visitors to be successful. That is where Lawyer Marketing Pro comes in.

We aim to get more clients to your website by bringing more visitors to your site. We do this with a focused SEO campaign.

Why Use Lawyer Marketing Pro for your Law Firm’s SEO?

Firstly, we know the legal landscape. We have experience in SEO for Lawyers and Law Firms. We know what to look for and how to do keyword and other research for Law Firms. We understand the legal market and legal nuances well.

Secondly, we work with our clients to identify the type of clients that they want. We aim to get clients in your preferred field of practice, whether in the personal injury field, criminal law, or divorces.

Thirdly, exclusivity: we offer our SEO services to only one Law Firm in a geographical / practice area. We do not compete with ourselves.

Many SEO companies accept various clients from one area of specialization or geographical area, and they then spend as much time working for your competitor as they work for you.

Fourthly, we tailor-make a strategy to improve your ranking within the constraints of your budget.

Lastly, we are focused, and we constantly work in the legal SEO field.  If you want real results, contact us!

Lawyer Marketing Pro focuses on ranking your Law Firm on top of GoogleBing, and other search engine searches. We have one goal, and that is to get our Law Firm clients to rank well so that they can get more traffic, which equals more clients for them.

How Lawyer Marketing Pro SEO Works?

Planning Stage: We will establish your Law Firm’s needs. We need to know who you are and where you want to be. Our SEO specialist will research to establish what we need to do to get you to rank in the top positions.

What is your goal for your Law Firm?
What services do you provide?
Who are your ideal clients?
We analyze your current website and do an in-depth website audit.
We look at your current online success and challenges.
 We do keyword research.
We research your competitors to identify their website’s strengths and weaknesses.
We find opportunities to get more site visitors.

If you are seriously considering investing in SEO, ask us for a free audit. We will review your website, the market, the practice area, and your competition.

As Part of Our FREE Law Firm Website Audit, Our SEO Experts Will Look at, Amongst Other Things, The Following:

Domain history: domain history plays a small role in a website’s ranking. The website’s age and, as such, the backlink profile age is what matters. Older domains may carry more weight due to backlinks pointing to them.

Google uses many indicators to see how trustworthy a website is. Legitimate domains, i.e., valuable domains that are not purchased for spammy reasons, are often paid for years in advance.

Hosting: where you host your website can play an essential role in SEO. One of the most important factors is the speed at which your website loads. If your website takes a long time to load, you will lose a lot of traffic.

Another important aspect of hosting is uptime and downtime. You want to be hosted with a reputable hosting company as the search engines crawl websites all the time.

If they visit a website that is down, they will mark the website as inaccessible. If this happens frequently, search engines might mark your website as unreliable.

Website Platform: the platform and the content management system used for the website are essential. Some websites are not optimized and cannot be adequately optimized. If you have a custom build website, you must build the site with SEO in mind, or it must be changed to be SEO-friendly.

Many of the so-called drag-and-drop websites offer basic SEO functionality for free, but you must upgrade if you want a fully functional SEO-friendly website.

Website Layout

The website layout must be easy to read, navigate, and must be mobile-friendly. It is scary to see how many websites are not mobile-friendly, and Lawyers with poor site layout or mobile-unfriendly sites lose a lot of traffic.

XML Sitemaps

Our experts will look at your sitemap and ensure that your site is accessible (crawlable) by the search engines. A sitemap will also help to track your traffic, and we will add proper schema markup tags.

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

We spent a lot of time testing and finding the best title tags to target the best search terms so that the content can be found and to ensure that the user has a pleasant experience. Meta title tags can create a valuable first impression of your web page.

Image Alt Text

You must optimize the photos used on your website, and you must reduce the size of the photos for faster loading. Search engine results pages return more and more images with text-based results. We, therefore, look at the pictures and ensure that they are properly described, which allows for better crawlability and ranking of websites.


Interlinking plays a significant role in letting Google find out what content on your site is related and its value. It also affects the trust score that Google will give to your website. As part of our service, we will, on an ongoing basis, evaluate and improve internal linking.

Link Building

Link building is a crucial aspect of Lawyer SEO because it is a significant factor in how Google ranks websites.

The link building and SEO landscape are constantly changing, and lousy link building can damage your website.

It is, therefore, essential that you get valuable links to your website. The purpose of link building is to build credibility and trust.

Google and other search engines penalize the overuse or the incorrect use of backlinks. We will identify possible toxic links.

Lawyer Marketing Pro knows how to build quality links to Lawyer websites that build credibility and trust with Google and other search engines.

Site Speed

I have touched on the importance of site speed, but it is so important that I mention it again. The site speed is a direct ranking factor. Webmasters generally consider that up to 40% of traffic will leave the website if the pages take longer than 3 seconds to load.

We will test the site speed and identify ways to increase the site speed.

Errors, Duplicate Content, And Broken Links

We will identify errors and ways to fix them. The same for duplicate content and broken links. The fewer errors and other issues, the better the ranking of the website.

Social Media Setup

Facebook and other social media links help websites. These pages must be set up correctly to get the most benefit from them. We will look through these pages to make sure they are set up correctly.

Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP Consistency)

NAP consistency is one of the factors that build trust with customers and Google alike. We will check that you have a consistent listing of your company name, address, and phone numbers across the internet. We will review the spelling and the formatting of your details all over the web, on your website, social media, and directories alike.


For your website to be persuasive, sites must have unique content on them.

We often find that people use generic content when they create a website, or their web builder simply copy and paste information from other websites when they create a new website.

Unique content is what will set you apart from your competitors.

Competitor Analysis

There is already a Law Firm ranking number one on page one of Google for the keywords you want. For your Law Firm to take the top spot, we do an in-depth analysis of the competition’s website, identify their strengths and weaknesses so that we can understand what it will take, in time and money, to dethrone them from the top position.

Google My Business (GMB)

GMB is very important for local SEO searches. We will see if you are listed on GMB, and the first step will be to get verified with GMB.

Implementation Stage

The implementation stage consists of various SEO techniques, including technical website optimization, link building, keyword research, user intent, mobile SEO, and content.

Reporting Stage

We regularly report back to our clients based on their unique needs. Our monthly report is detailed and written in plain English, and it contains the metrics that are important to that specific client.

Let Us Answer Some of Your SEO and Other Questions

Where Is Lawyer Marketing Pro Situated?

We are based in sunny South Africa. This has many advantages for our international clients. The US dollar is much stronger than the South African Rand, and our international clients get more bang for their buck!

South Africa is a well-developed country with excellent technological infrastructure. We also have some of the best universities in the world. Our SEO staff is well qualified and experienced in SEO.

Will I Be Locked Into A Contract?

We offer month-to-month contracts, with a 30-day notice period, for our clients as not every client is in a position or wants to sign a long-term contract with a service provider that they have not used before.

Our long-term contracts are for 12-month periods. The benefit of signing a contract is that we charge less for work done for extended term contracts.

How Long Will It Take Before I See Results?

This is probably the number one question asked by clients. Many variables influence SEO results.

SEO is a long game. It generally takes four to six months to see results. However, the results you get at six months will be less than what you get at twelve months.

SEO is an investment, and you can get good results for years with proper SEO.

How Much Will It Cost?

When we quote a client, we look at the competitiveness, target market, and client goals.

Typically, our rates depend on the law firm’s size and the number of keywords that need to be targeted in a specific geographical area.

Remember that you pay for what you get. We offer excellent pricing for the quality service that we render.

Do I Need a New Website?

If you have a good SEO-friendly website, it is unnecessary to get a new website. However, if we find that your website is not suitable for us to get the results that we expect, then we will tell you so.

Why Did We Get into SEO?

Martin Vermaak, the founder of Lawyer Marketing Pro, is a practicing attorney with a passion for online marketing.

He has been in private practice since 2000. He initially outsourced all the website and marketing needs but became intrigued by online marketing. He pursued further studies at the University of Cape Town, where he obtained a Certificate in Online Marketing.

Martin then started Lawyer Marketing Pro, specializing in SEO.

If You Want a Custom Audit for Your Law Firm, That Includes Suggestions And A Smart Game Plan As To How To Proceed To Get Your Website To Rank – Contact Us!

Martin Vermaak

The Lawyer Marketing Pro Digital Marketing Agency for Lawyers and Law Firms.

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