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If you want to improve your law career further, you might want to secure a spot in one of the leading law schools in Minnesota. As long as you have a good GPA and LSAT scores, it will help you secure admission to some of Minnesota’s best law schools.

Like in most states in the United States, Minnesota has many institutions that provide a law course. If your main objective is to go forward and work right away, I recommend applying to any ABA-accredited law school.

Remember that securing entry to an ABA-accredited school has its share of benefits – the priority on the list is to get employment in a short time after graduation.

A close look at some of the best law schools in Minnesota

Eager to know which of the best law schools in Minnesota are worth applying to?

I am sharing a list of some of the top-rated ABA-accredited law schools in this article.

University of Minnesota Law School

The University of Minnesota Law School dates back to 1888. It has established itself as one of the leading law schools in the United States. Based on the U.S. News & World Report, it has ranked 22nd in its 2018 list of the top law schools.

As one of the best law schools in Minnesota, it has an acceptance rate of 45%.

With this rate, getting admission to this leading law school is not easy. Since it has a prominent institution’s status, it is highly competitive, especially when it comes to GPA and LSAT scores.

UMN Law boasts a commendable student ratio of 10:1, making it the ideal choice for students eager to develop academic relations with their professors. Nevertheless, the school does not offer on-campus, graduate, or even law-specific accommodation.

This law school has an unsurpassed bar passing rate of 84.6% compared to the average of Minnesota, which is 83.2%. Another element that makes it one of the best not just in Minnesota, but in the entire nation is the high employment rate of 91%. Graduates usually get employed in the first ten months after graduation.

When it comes to the curriculum at the University of Minnesota Law School, it allows students to choose courses during the first year. In their first year, the students can select between a course in international law, corporate law, civil procedure, or law perspectives, besides the required first-year courses.

After the first year in school, students are only required to take two courses and a written requirement.

Second and third-year students can choose most of their courses.

They may decide to focus on one of the school’s formal legal concentrations – health law and bioethics, business law, labor, and employment law, or human rights law – or from other areas.

Students can also finish a dual or joint degree through other schools at the University of Minnesota.

Mitchell Hamline University School of Law

Mitchell Hamline University School of Law has been around since 1972. The school is accredited by the American Bar Association and is considered one of Minnesota’s best law schools. It is also a member of the Association of American Law Schools.

Based on the U.S. News and World Report, Hamline University School of Law ranks as 141st on the list of top law schools in the country. I consider this as a good choice since the school also offers on-campus housing. Sadly, law-specific accommodation for its law students is not available.

This school is on the list since it is among the top-rated due to its superior employment level after graduation. In 2018, there was a 90% employment rank among its graduates within the initial ten months after graduation.

As for the student-to-faculty ratio, the school has a ratio of 1:21. It merely means that the interaction between students and professors might be an issue of concern.

If you want to earn entry to the Hamline University School of Law, I suggest striving hard to get an impressive GPA and LSAT grades. In case you are worried that you might fail your application, the school has a reasonable acceptance rate of 62%. This means that you can easily earn a spot, as long you comply with the bare minimums.

The University of St. Thomas School of Law – Minneapolis

University of St. Thomas School of Law or UST has received ABA accreditation. However, it is yet to be part of the Association of American Law Schools. The school is Catholic-based and named after Thomas Aquinas. It opened its door back in 1923 but was later shut down only to open again in 1999.

Based on the U.S. News & World Report, UST Law School ranks 11th in the long list of top law schools. The school has an approval rate of 64%. You have a good chance of gaining entry if your qualifications are a suitable match.

Students have limited housing options at UST Law since the school does not offer on-campus or law-specific accommodation. When it comes to the ratio between student and faculty, it is 15:1, which means that students have good opportunities for interacting and connecting with their professors.

UST Law School boasted an impressive bar passing rate of 80% back in 2018. Those who are worried about securing decent employment after graduating from UST Law School should not see this as a drawback.

A high percentage of its graduates were able to secure employment during the first ten months of job hunting. I highly recommend maintaining an excellent academic record so that you have a high chance of landing a good-paying job.

Since the school was established on catholic principles, applicants who have superior scores and established catholic backgrounds are generally considered preferred choices to obtain direct admission.

Essential considerations in choosing the ideal law school in Minnesota.

Although several schools provide legal courses in Minnesota, you must carefully decide while selecting from the recommended, ABA-accredited institutions.

With the list of the best law schools in Minnesota that I have shared, it should help you choose a school that will increase your success rate with fast employment after graduation.

The University of Minnesota Law School is one of the leading law schools in the state. Getting admission to this leading school will require you to have a strong GPA and LSAT scores.

As for the University of Saint Thomas School of Law, I recommend it as another great option if you are eager to enter one of the best law schools in Minnesota, especially for those with a strong catholic background.

With this law school’s favorable acceptance rate, you have a good chance of getting admission if your scores are satisfactory.

It is important to note that Hamline University School of Law merged with William Mitchell College of Law, forming Mitchell Hamline School of Law. As one of the state’s leading law schools, it boasts a remarkable bar passing rate and a good employment score of 90%.

Additional factors to help choose the right law school

Aside from choosing the best law school, I should remind you that there are other considerations to bear in mind.

• Specialized curriculums. Many often start law school uncertain of the type of law they want to practice, but some already have an idea of what they want to pursue. If you already made up your mind on the area you want to focus on, finding a school specializing in that type of law is vital since it will be a better fit for you.

• Scholarship and expenses. Remember that law school is not cheap. The fees, tuition, board, room, books, and other expenses come at a higher price. If you are deciding between a law school that is higher ranked compared to one that offers a scholarship, I suggest considering the actual differences between the schools.

• Campus. I recommend visiting the schools you are considering before making a choice. You can take a tour of not only the law school but the entire campus. This will provide you with the opportunity to explore available housing options or the extracurricular activities you might be interested in.

• Alumni network. Law schools provide information on where their graduates work on their website. You can connect with a recent alumnus to get an insight into a program you might be interested in, school’s culture, or even meet someone who can help you look for employment in the future.

Final thoughts

By now, you have an idea of the top players in terms of laws schools in Minnesota. I suggest taking the time to choose the school that best fits your objectives.

Do not forget to support your GPA and LSAT scores with a personal statement to increase your admission chances with an additional boost.

Do not assume that having good scores will ensure your admission.

Remember that in highly competitive law schools such as UMN Law, you should present yourself in the best way possible so that your application will stand out from thousands of eager applicants.

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